Design Cut:$33 – $60

We can help define your image with the perfect cut.

Grey Blending:$16 – $43

Camo color for a gradual, natural appearance.

Natural Highlights:$58

Subtle pieces of accent color.

Hand Cure:$19

Get rid of calluses, hang nails and sharp edges.

Foot Cure:$48 & up

Most men neglect their feet. Smooth out rough heels and shape nails. A foot massage and whirlpool foot bath are included while relaxing in our leather couches.

Professional Imaging:

Starting a career or beginning a new one? Our Makeover Team is well versed in helping create the “perfect first impression”. Professional shoppers available at your request to complete your new “power professional image”. Price based on consultation.
starting at $250

Back Wax for Men:$65

Chest Wax for Men:$48