Many ways to earn points

By submitting a valid email, Earn 25 points with every dollar you spend at Shamas. Once you reach an award level, you can use them however you want, when you want. Points expire yearly. Points cannot be shared or distributed
As a client of Shamas Salon & Spa you will be given an access code to book online and check available points balance at your convenience.
Download “mobile shamas” on your phone or tablet for immediate on the go access to these features. Additionally you can receive notifications of last minute appts available at a discount thru our Web Openings service!
15,000 points = $15 in spa dollars for any purchase
20,000 points = $20 spa dollars
30,000 points = $30 spa dollars
45,000 points = $45 in spa dollars
65,000 points = $65 in spa dollars

Earn additional Points

Pre-book future appts. at each visit 250 points
Gift Certificate Purchases 2x amount of gift certificate (if given as a gift)
Referring a new client 2500 points (special promo months earn double)
Try a new Service 250 points