Meet the Team

Team Shamas thrives on Education! Our various beauty departments require specialized training in the “Shamas Technique” for up to one year prior to the acceptance of clients.

Through our weekly classes and quarterly workshops held by International Educators, each team member is certified in their respective specialty. Additionally we send many of our employees to yearly classes in NYC, Chicago and abroad…always in pursuit of what’s hot, what’s not and what’s next.

I am proud to introduce you to our team. Many have been with us since the first day in 1996. Others just now joining our team whose energy and excitement reminds us all of what it takes to stay on top and maintain passion for our craft…


Shamas Salon Coordinators

Bonnie Lampkowski
Simone Stephens
Annalisa Shinsky
Callie Fischaber
Bri Hartbarger
Lindsay Unger
Lindsay Whitlow
Nicall Vens

Shamas Stylist Team

Erica Arellano


Joined Shamas 2008

Julie Bauer

Master Stylist

Joined Shamas 1996
Previous- Education Director/Hairstyling Team


Brooke Brockschmidt

Advanced Stylist

Joined Shamas 1999

Jodi Burmeister

Master Stylist & Extension Specialist

Joined Shamas 1997


Tanya Encalado

Stylist & Makeup Artist, Airbrush Specialist

Joined Shamas 2003

Shana Kirby


Joined Shamas 2013

Janey Taylor

Stylist & Braiding Specialist

Joined Shamas 2014

Melanie Wagner

Advanced Stylist & Formal Hair Specialist

Joined Shamas 1998

Kelly Roudebush


Joined Shamas 2014

Shamas Color Team

Kathy Kurucz

Master Colorist, Education Director

Joined Shamas 1996

Kate Fritts

Master Colorist

Educator for Shamas Color Team
Joined Shamas 1999

Noel Abboud


Joined Shamas 2014

Katelyn Seals


Joined Shamas 2014

Susan Taylor

Master Colorist

Joined Shamas 2002

Jodi Quinlivan

Master Colorist & Educator

Joined Shamas 2001

Leah Walter

Advanced Colorist & Educator

Joined Shamas 2010


Allan Rodgers

Advanced Colorist

Joined Shamas 2010

Elyse Serve

Color Associate

Joined Shamas 2009

Kaiti Rae Maller


Joined Shamas 2015

Shamas Nail Team


Amanda Cordero

Nail Tech

Joined Shamas 2013

Ann Fitzpatrick

Nail Tech

Joined Shamas 2015

Shamas Skincare & Makeup Team

Donna Driscoll

Master Skin Care Specialist

Joined Shamas 1996

Mary Studer

Master Skin Care Specialist

Joined Shamas 1996

Alicia Shamas

Skin Care Specialist & Makeup Artist, Airbrush Specialist

Joined Shamas 2007